Premium Rate 09 Numbers

Premium Rate 09 numbers are Non Geographical Numbers (NGN). This means they have a National presence and not a specific location. They work alongside your existing landline telephone number. 09 numbers will generate revenue for you on all incoming calls. Many businesses use 09 numbers for live or automated services which can be monetised by rebates earned from the calls.

Please note that 09 numbers are premium rate numbers and regulated by Phone-paid Services Authority (PSA). Connection will be actioned upon completion of our due diligence procedure.

Earn up to


per minute from calls to 09 numbers

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What are the benefits of an 09 number?

  • Earn significant revenue from your incoming calls at your selected rate which can be up to £3 per minute
  • Monetise your live or automated phone services
  • Give you a national presence, which allows you to expand your marketing
  • You won’t have to update your telephone details every time you relocate saving cost on updating promotional materials
  • Easy to re-target to an alternative landline
  • Allows you easily manage calls to suit your business needs in conjunction with our optional Intelligent Call Solutions
  • Free online call statistics are included to help you monitor your inbound call traffic

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