International Numbers

International Phone Numbers are a perfect way of providing your overseas customers with a low cost method of speaking to your UK based staff.

For businesses that are located in the UK but have markets abroad, providing an in-country local geographic number or a toll free number for customers makes it cheaper and easier to call your organisation, as well making your business look local without the costs of opening overseas offices.



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Pricing Details:

Connection Fee £25
Monthly Service Fee £14.99
Inclusive Minutes 60 per month (when connected to a UK landline)
Extra Minutes 8p per min (when connected to a UK landline)
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For pricing details, and to setup your new number in this country, please talk to our experienced customer service team.

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How do International Numbers work?

  • We offer geographic numbers in 100 countries and can provide local city phone numbers in over 4000 locations worldwide.
  • Freephone, or toll free numbers are also available for over 100 countries allowing your international callers to get in touch without any cost to themselves.
  • Calls will typically be answered in the UK on a landline but it is possible to divert calls to a mobile if required using our call management system.
  • Pre-configured business continuity plans can also programmed to keep you in contact with your customers in any eventuality.
  • We keep numbers for popular destinations in stock so that turn-around times can be as little as 24 hours.

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